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[bullet point movie reviews] Super 8 + X-Men: First Class
Inception | the wonder
For some reason I felt strongly about reviewing these 2 films. Maybe I'm just in an Opinions!!! mood. I did enjoy them both immensely though :)

Super 8
I'm not gonna bother with pros and cons on this one cuz as far as I'm concerned this is a perfect movie. Or at least a perfect JJ Abrams monster movie.

- this movie, to me, is like ET of our generation. Our generation as being characterized by explosions, CGI, EPICNESS!!1, swear words, lens flare, and super dramatic camera work.
- it's even a perfect family film, even when it pretty much falls into every movie genre category EXCEPT "family films".
- it mixes the fear of the unknown, nostalgia, a coming of age story, family values, standing united in a time of crisis, the potential danger as well as benevolence of a higher being, and people being good old-fashioned Good.
- I'm doubly impressed cuz I thought it was written by Orci and Kurtzman as usual, but the fact that JJ wrote it himself makes me appreciate it more, cuz 1) this makes him both a badass director AND a badass writer 2) this movie comes from a really personal place and JJ truly cared for it. And it shows.
- how fucking good are those child actors? SO FUCKING GOOD. It's been how many years since Haley Joel Osment in Sixth Sense? And now times that amount of talent by 5. I was like OH DUH when I learned that Alice was Elle Fanning. Cut from the same Fanning cloth, she's got a ton of street cred already, of course she's gonna be brilliant. But that shouldn't take away from the simple fact that she was jaw-droppingly amazing. But Joel Courtney, oh my god. Riley Griffiths was also incredible. I am mortally afraid for these kids cuz we all know what happens to child actors, and I would hate for it to happen to Joel Courtney and Riley Griffiths. I just love these kids so much ;_;
- I guess I'm not done talking about kids. Children in movies! It is so refreshing to see an all pre-teen main cast and see a "grown-up" sci-fi disaster film made from kids' perspectives.
- adult characters were also awesome. Except for Fowlerface (sorry Noah Emmerich you will forever be Fowler from White Collar to me) but he was written to be pointedly not-awesome.
- DIVERSITY PARTY \o/ \o/ \o/ cuz JJ loooooves diversity.
- Bawww Point: when Mr. Dainard drives drunk and seemingly furious after a runaway Alice, and shouts "I'm sorry!" before crashing into a car. Time From Dry-Eyed to Bitch Tears: 0.5 seconds.
- very happy with the monster design. Not gonna say any more to avoid spoiling the reveal.
- just, so happy for JJ to be on the helm of something like this. The man puts his heart into it and has the right priorities. Interviews with Ryan Lee and Joel Courtney show how much thought went into the auditions and how clearly JJ knew what he wanted.

Wow that was a lot longer than I expected to write. Oops.

X-Men: First Class

- what everyone with BL goggles or even a BL monocle have been talking about. I'm sure I don't need to go into this.
- but in all seriousness I really loved the chemistry and closeness and Brotherhood!!1 of Charles and Erik
- at the same time I also found the dynamic/relationship between Erik and Shaw to be deeply intriguing despite what a complete evil asshat Shaw was
- fuck yeah NICHOLAS HOULT AS HANK!! He looked soooo familiar but I couldn't recognize him. He's so different from Tony in Skins.
- loev Banshee :> my squawky slightly uncomfortable-looking ginger
- the whole latter half of the movie, basically
- airlifting a whole fucking submarine. That was the #1 AWESOMEST scene in the entire movie
- COIN TOSS FOR GREAT POETIC JUSTICE. I looooved the elegance in the simplicity of the act. Added on top of the complexity of Charles inadvertently having to sit through the whole ordeal via telepathic link. That was sick.
- Chaaaaaaarles ;____; I cried.
- LOVE THE ENDING CREDITS. Unf moving graphic elements alluding to genetics and biology

- o hai person in my house that isn't my mom -- oh you're blue! You're just like meeeeee! Let's be best friends and NOT get into 1) how did you get into my house 2) who are you 3) where the fuck did you come from. Because a sense-making opening scene to a movie is no fun.
- did not really appreciate how it was Hank/Raven for a bit which was cute and then SUDDENLY ERIKAVEN
- Emma Frost. At first I liked that they tried to justify her uh inexplicably skanky canon personal style? And I guess her sexualized minion portrayal makes sense in the era of the film, but. Then the movie kinda undermined the core essence of Emma Frost's character :[ Needs to be HBIC! What does IC stand for? In charge. No minionizing Emma Frost pls.
- theeeeee CGI could've used more work (or money.) The diamond texture on Emma's face was the worst of it.
- sloppy writing and clumsy camera work (which is weird since I thought Matthew Vaughn did just fine with Kick-Ass)
- Rose Byrne was sadly underused
- y u kill Darwin :'(
- the first half was generally a bit silly; again, would've come across less like a blunder and more like a choice made to befit the tone if the setting were clearer stylistically. Everything (besides Emma's hair and the occasional automobile) was so modern that I kept forgetting they were in the 70s.

- Kevin Bacon.
- lolol Hellfire Club is a strip club
- Team Shaw = Team Minority, especially after Angel defected. I'm sure this wasn't intentional, but it's still kinda hilarious and at the same time, annoying.

Okay even though I love to lovingly make fun of this movie I did enjoy it tremendously. Just, some parts of it are kinda :T or just cringe-worthy. Needless to say, Fassavoy/McBender made what could've been a terribly mediocre movie actually a pretty good watch. (Sadly tho nobody else in the cast had acting chops much worth talking about.)


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I want you to review every movie now.

I think the case with Charles/Raven was that he entered her mind when they were in the kitchen and he was just so stoked to find someone who was LIKE HIM.

I kinda hated how love triangley it was with Raven. I'M IN LOVE WITH CHARLES. NO WAIT I LIKE HANK. JUST KIDDING ME AND CHARLES ARE OTP. And like I understand she and Erik had more chemistry, but dude, you grew up with Charles. ARE YOU GOING TO VISIT HIM AT ALL OR JUST INSTANTLY DESCEND INTO TERRORISM?

I liked the movie too but the flaws were a bit too big at times. Also Fassbender? Hnngh. So hot.

HAHA I'll try XD

Yeah I can understand him not being alarmed by her, but the scene needs to be written in a way that makes sense to the audience too? Like -

Charles: /MINDREAD/ omg you're just like me! :DDDD
Raven: :DDDDD
Charles: But why did you come here/how did you get in/where are your parents/any other question a child with a functioning logic circuit would ask
Raven: /some origin story that fits with the movie canon like: I have no parents and I was being hunted by Commies \o_O/
Charles: I will protect you from Commies! You should stay here and be my best friend~

I think even that little bit of background would be a bit less WTF inducing than just her dropping into the scene like that.

Ugh yeah I didn't like Raven's portrayal cuz she came off to me as desperate. If there seemed to be a real depth to her sadness/dissatisfaction with the way people view her, I'd take her more seriously. Maybe it's her age, cuz she just seemed... like a troubled, insecure teenager whose brother no loev her. AND YEAH PLS DON'T BURN THAT BRIDGE (yet) even if you left at a totally WTF time (HELLO! YOUR BROTHER HAS JUST BEEN SHOT!!) which I can only chalk up to a not-so-good use of dramatic timing

Yeah idk, the folks at RottenTomatoes LOVED it o_O (which is starting to make me feel like the world's hardest to please bitch) but there were just some film standards stuff I thought it didn't do very well. Which is like WHO CARES DUDE IT'S ALL ABOUT MCBENDER

Lol, yes. I agree with your pros/cons of X-Men. I haven't seen Super 8, not sure if I want to but I'm also intrigued, lol.

You should so see Super 8 *_* it won't make you sick the way Cloverfield does cuz this one isn't documentary style. This isn't even so much like a typical monster sci-fi film; it's more like Jurassic Park.

I still feel that X-Men was a tad bit too long and/or boring...I don't know. I was getting sleepy at some parts cuz it was a lot of talking? I know they had to set it up and all, but zzzzz. Well, that is until the action started in the last like...3/4.

I'll see if I can find someone to go with me to see Super 8! If not, I guess I can wait until it's on Netflix or something. XD;

It definitely did drag a bit. There were big problems with pacing imo :/ First half was way slow and suddenly WE NEED TO USE SPLIT SCREEN TO FIT EVERYTHING INTO THE SAME FRAME RATE!!! The script could've been written better so that the pacing's more even.

I've heard so many bad reviews for Super 8 ... now you leave me conflicted.

I did love X-Men First Class. I'm so glad they revamped the X-Men series, because the movies were getting shittier and shittier, and it was only a matter of time before the franchise went the way of Spider Man (also getting re-vamped!)

What did you think of GL?

Matter of taste, I guess. I'm a big JJ fan so he can pretty much do no wrong by me haha XD What bad stuff did people say about S8?

I love that it was a lot of fun and didn't take itself too seriously (like the first series did). I just wish the writing quality were a bit more consistent :/ But yeah the series pretty much nosedived after the 1st one. Did you see Wolverine Origins? What a steaming pile of crap that was. I was mad I paid money for that. Imo Spider Man struck me as being a little less bad than the X-Men movies were? They were more like just... silly.

GL? :O

forgot to add - EXCITED FOR SPIDEY REBOOT!!! Would be even more excited when I... actually finally watch The Social Network...

I'm a bigger fan of X-Men than Spiderman. Also, they picked the two actors I hate most to be the leads - Kirsten Dunst and Tobey McGuire. Honestly, the only way that casting could have sucked more balls for me is if they'd gotten Elijah Wood in there somehow.

Wolverine Origins was terrible. Hugh Jackman is an awesome actor, and Ryan Reynolds was brilliant as Deadpool, but there was no saving that film. Which is sad, especially since that plot literally wrote itself for them already :P

GL = Green Lantern. I have opinions, but I won't say anything if you haven't seen it already.

Also, no Social Network yet?! Wha?! I loved it... I also streamed it ...

Have you seen Thor?

Haha oh god I didn't mind Tobey but I HATED Kirsten Dunst. She was so far from the Mary Jane I had in mind. She didn't even LOOK right. (Emma Stone would've been awesome but apparently she's getting cast in the reboot as... not Mary Jane.) LOL don't hate on Elijah XD but I don't think he would be very good for a comic book movie.

If they'd just left it at Wolverine's backstory and his showdown with Sabretooth, it would've been maybe somewhat decent. But then they had to fit that stupid "Deadpool" bit in!! How does that contribute ANYTHING to this canon, OR the canon of the original movies?? SO DUMB.

Oh god sorry but I refuse to watch GL. Lol he's one of the 2 DC characters I'm least interested in (Superman being the other >_>). Not only that, the CGI looks... really bad. Hi, Photoshop pasteded-on Green Lantern mask and suit! You can go ahead and talk about it, I might download and watch it at some point but I don't care enough about it to mind spoilers.

I KNOOWWW I've owned the DVD for like four months and I still haven't found the time to watch it >_<

I have! :D I liked it. Would've liked it more if it were a movie called "Loki" though. Cuz Loki pretty much made that movie for me.

I like Green Lantern! The costume was a bit weird, but I had to admit, looking at the comics, there's hardly any way you can make that costume look cool. That being said, Ryan Reynolds is not who I pictured for Hal Jordan. He's more of a Kyle Raynor (or Wally West)...

I just did not see Elijah Wood in the best of roles - absolutely hated his parts in LOTR, and also Sunshine of a Spotless Mind... How awesome that movie was to me despite having Dunst and Wood in there is a testament to how awesome Winslet and Carrey were...

Watch Social Network! Hilarious lines (though I find it hard to believe real Zuckerberg was ever as glib).

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