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art dump #179 - Glee [5], Fringe [2]

...the last time I posted art here was

6 months ago


I've been drawing but only sketches so I've been dumping them all on Tumblr this whole time >_>


Of course when I finally get motivated to draw for Glee it’s because of the gay kid. Gay kidS, in this case. THREE OF THEM, suddenly. Anyway, Kurt and Blaine. Pretty good for a refless roadtrip car drawing, I think :D

YEAH SO I DON'T THINK I'VE TALKED ON LJ ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE KAROFSKY. I was getting really fed up with Glee S2, and then SUDDENLY KAROFSKY aaaand now I watch the show for him. :x Clumsily drawn hockey!Karofsky to appease my own need to see him in a hockey jersey. Can they please bring hockey Dave back, please? Cuz I mean. No offense, but hockey is >>>>>> football. I know the switch-up was so that he could have more interactions with Finn but aahhh WANT HOCKEY DAVE. MAYBE HOPEFULLY they could write in the reason later on about how hockey's an even more intensely homophobic environment than football and Dave left to get away from all the nasty language in the locker room :'(

Okay this needs a little explaining. A while back someone had requested an NHL!Karofsky and Olympic-figure-skater!Kurt AU on the Glee Fluff Meme on LJ. It’s like. THE PERFECTEST AU FOR KURTOFSKY.

Didn’t find out whether it got filled (highly doubt it), I just knew that I had to take care of my own needs. So I drew. Watched a bunch of Johnny Weir videos on Youtube. Karofsky’s wearing a Columbus Blue Jackets jersey (the version with the Napoleon cannon). Pardon hockey/skating inaccuracies :x

and more of that hockey/ice skating AU

STUPID LULZ - Kurt inherited Pavarotti the warbler right? Suddenly - I mean, with Dalton already being a gay Hogwarts and all - I got the idea of Kurt singing with Pavarotti a la Disney princess. And of course Blaine chimes in for a duet a la Prince Charming.

Prince Charming -> Prince Philip who was the only prince in Disney’s repertoire that has a horse (I think?). Double that with a reference to the Old Spice commercial. Sadly though with so little room left to draw it Blaine’s white horse turned out to be more like a white pony or white mule. Which really looks more like an oversized dog. CAN'T DRAW HORSES FOR SHIT


It took me 2.5 seasons - 2.5 seasons!! - to work up the mojo to draw fanart for Fringe. Why do I only ever draw real-people fanart anymore? It’s HAAAARD. Anna Torv is incredibly hard to draw. How fake is that fake Olivia? So fake IT DOESN’T EVEN LOOK LIKE HER. UURRGHH she looks like some Lucy Lawless knockoff!! I’m so pissed.

Bolivia, take 2. More success this time. I think what actually got me to start drawing for Fringe was my sudden and inexplicable urge to draw Walter with Gene the cow. Which I did. I also drew a lot of angsting Liv. I love a badass Liv! But at the time I drew this there was just... so much angst. But that's all over now (sort of) so it's back to badass Liv \o/
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